General places to take my dogs This spring and the pet Auto Travel Safety

General places to take my dogs This spring and the pet Auto Travel Safety

Thank goodness winter is almost over. The kids and the pet can love the snow, but not me. My fingers get stupid when I clean the snow from my car. Heating the car seems to take forever. The roads are terrible and even dangerous. And I have to enter my savings account only to pay the heating bill.

But now spring is almost here, its time to get out of the house and go to places! And because the dogs have gained some weight over the winter because of inactivity, I take them with me. But it will be so difficult, you say. What happens if any of the places you want to go should allow dogs? or what happens if the dogs do not stay in the car?

TRUE. Not all places I want to go should allow dogs, but there are many other places I can go as wild. Because the weather is nice, I can go to a park, go camping, visit the lake or the beach, visit family or friends or take a beautiful road trip. And I know the perfect solution for the dogs who do not drive well in the car. To keep them in a place in the vehicle there are several products out there that I can use. The cheapest and easiest is the dogs seat belt. Dog belts are available in all sizes and are relatively easy to put on a dog.

To get the dogs to use the cars seat belt, I can let them wear it around the house for a while. Then I can go to places that are nearby. Going to the park, the beach or the lake can be just a short day trip and these places allow pets - as long as they are in a couple vision, of course. Many places even share a park that is only for dogs.

Then I can start on longer trips, like camping. Most campsites allow dogs but I will check in before I go. And sure if I visit my family and friends, I can take the dogs with me. They do not remember. Its better than leaving the dogs with strangers in a boarding kennel or alone at home with someone coming once in a while to feed them and let them outdoors. If the place I want to visit is just a few hours away, I can drive and use the cars seat belts for the dogs. There will be restraints along the road that I can stop by and let the dogs have a drink and go to a pot. And if the trip is a bit longer and I have to stay for the night, there are several hotels that allow pets for a small additional fee. I will bring the dogs kennels if I need to leave them alone in the hotel room while I go out to eat or visit the gift shop or something.

Wherever I go, I have to make sure I bring the dogs plenty of water, their cups and dog bags to pick up their waste. For longer trips, I also need to bring food, carriers and toys. My dogs always have their tags on. I make sure they are always updated on their pictures. And if theyre on medicine, Ill make sure that too.

For longer distances, I can also take an airline with the dogs. Some airlines will fly a pet as long as the average temperature is not too hot or too cold. I have to check with the airlines to see what is needed. And I have to get the dogs checked by the vet to make sure they are healthy enough to take the trip. An unhealthy pet would not be able to cope with stress.

Other activities where I could take my dogs are visiting outdoor gardens, visiting ranches, wine tasting, go for barbecue, golf, fishing, biking, hiking or boating. Not all the gardens, vineyards, golf courses or state parks allow dogs, but many want. As long as I settle up after my dogs, many places are very open to pets. Whatever I decide to do in spring, I have to call the places in advance to make sure pets are alright. If not, the dogs will either stay at home or at the hotel.

The dogs are part of my family, after all, so I should try to include them in at least some if not most of our activities. It will not be more expensive than I would pay if I would take care of them while I was gone. And the dogs are so fun to have around. Theyre good companies, and they love to travel, meet new people and visit new places.

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